my first internship

hi readers!
fistly,let me introduce myself.
i am raudha, a daughter from Zulfan.
Zulfan (which will be texted as “Dad”) has 10 children exactly. I am one of them.

Let’s start about my first internship.
so for the first time ever , i work for the other human company which is basically i worked for family company.
Yes,my family (whole of them) are entrepreneur.

After sitting for 8 hours in front of computer,doing my first job which is composing the “undirect” mail marketing.
FYI, i apply in V company as Copywriter,one of my favourite job and lesson when i am studying in Advertising Major @ FISIP UI Depok.

In the middle of the day when i worked,i got headache suddenly. Really painful but i tried to not thinking about it and it works.

Before,i was nervous what would happen on my first day,but it just happened so natural and well done.
i meet new people and new things (and also new strategy about copywriter)

Wew it’s 5.30pm,and people in V office asked me why i’m not going home.
On my mind,i answered “Later,after i post my first blog”

so I have to go home now


6 responses to “my first internship

  1. congrats raudha
    i hope you enjoy your first time being a contributor to V
    once again congrats

  2. hahaha betah yah mba.. uu soo glad to you!

  3. yeah rrie,the job is so me , i think
    (imagine,you work in front of computer that provide you the internet connection that free you to access everything,download everything (not bigger than 2mb *waddeheck) for 8 hours.
    anything would be great?

  4. thx dinda,i hope i can do better

  5. wew….
    first i really don’t have any idea what thezulfans means …….
    but with title “brokenhome isn’t always producing brokenpeople”
    and zulfan= father….
    i think i got the point…..
    good luck for your internship raudha……
    and happy blogging ^^”

  6. hahahahha the mainly thing is we are plural so add the “s”,,gyahahahaha
    but some of my friends misunderstood about it,,they said “i dont want to be your ‘fans’ ”

    is there anything that funnier than that?

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