the second day of my internship

hi folks!

raudha is reporting from V office in DurenTiga, Jakarta Indonesia.

how was my day actually?


i was using my own personal macbook this day and guess what?

Mr. Rizza (one of leader in V company) borrowed the IM2 broadband modem for my macbook so i could be working fastly.

and after getting complicated installation (as usual happened on macintosh os), i could surf in convenience.

honestly, i try to work better (and i did) but some things disturbed my concentration.

yeah the score for final exam had already been published for advertising major, not really bad.

But as a human being, i am not satisfied.

even in computer science major , i am dissapointed by the calculus thing (okay, i got D)

FYI i take two major right now in my university,computer science and advertising.

okay,back to the internship experience

so in V office, i found a cute lil girl named KenKen (a daughter of one of leader of V company) that wore lil red dress with hairscarf. When i saw her in first time this day,directly my mind was going to “Little Red Riding Hood” story. KenKen looks like the chara on that story.

Mr.Rizza got meeting suddenly this day,so he went from office for a while.

Sometimes i dunno what i had to do,so i just tried to make a website for training my self.

Oh yeah,about the modem

it is really cool actually

but i have wimode (a modem that so expensive and slowly,so make me sick to refill the voucher).

i hope i can have it one day (in free,lol)

Gosh,time is 5.13pm and i haven’t prayed yet.

i have to pray now

oh yeah about the website that i’ve made, i am uploading it now.

have to go



2 responses to “the second day of my internship

  1. u shud teach me then okayyy!

  2. damn,because i apply job for copywriter,then i work in advertising clan,not in programmer clan (that work for building website)
    i just can be gazing them from long distance

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