the third


i am seeing KenKen (a daughter of a leader in V company) eats her melon as her evening food.

So Kawaii.

you can’t believe this,because inside of V office,they allow you to ride a bicycle around the office.

yeepp i am not kidding guys,cause one of leader is riding a bicycle now.

what a fun concept isn’t it?

to not bother your life with just a worksheet,but also you have fulfill your fun life too.

and KenKen is also riding it too.

Arghh,i don’t bring my digicam,and you can’t see how cute she is and what the leader and the daughter doing right now (turn around the office with bicycle,inside ,in the middle of people that do their working ).

so i’m waiting for Mr.R that is doing a meeting with his advertising team,because today i have to sign a confidential letter that tell me about what the right and the compulsory when i am doing internship here.

oh finally,the meeting is end up.

i have to go


ps : in that letter,there is a paragraph that tell me that i get salary (not big amount,but i feel great)


3 responses to “the third

  1. yumm.. yumm.. (bling bling of cash, blink blink of eyes)

  2. rriie u dont know what happened when i told my mommy and sibling about the salary (not salary,but maybe accomodation cost)
    they were complaining and commanding me to not come again,
    yeah i know it is not big amout (actually the amount of money same with my mommy’s employee in tenabang which is not graduated from junior hi school)
    okay,honest my mommy getting angry(before).
    buf the day after,she just permit me to enjoy this internship

  3. in that middle of nite,i was just thinkin im gonna out, i dun want to dissapoint my family. but i think
    “yeah yg namanya magang mang lo mo dibayar brapa sih,”
    cud ya help me,searching information how much (usually) we get paid when we do the internship

    i felt terrible when my mommy said “rau,u can get more from your skill,even you want to compare yourself with my employee that didn’t pass their school.waddeheck u get same”

    help me

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