a greatful lil surprise

yaapp in the middle noon on Friday,whr the male doin Friday pray.

there are just woman here in V office.

in a second , suddenly V office full of women’s screaming because a guy enter the V office?


who is that guy?

why people screaming?

so the story was

the delivery guy from pizzahut came to V office brought 2 large pan of pizza and at least 10 boxs of bruschetta and garlic bread.

i dunno who ordered those things,but maybe that is just a habbit every Friday Noon,hihihi

the next 5 minutes,1  pan was empty and the dozen of appetizer was gone

i get full now


i have to…back to work


ps: oh my stomach gettin pain,maybe because maag

(ulcer disease/gastric/stomach disorder symptons)

i searh wad is maag in english,hehehe


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