friday mornin’

hi readers and folks!

i don’t know why i forget to post the day fourth of my internship yesterday.

maybe because i brought my car for the first time

(actually my mommy command urge me to bring it)

so i want to get home earlier.

yeah yesterday was not so good for me.

in the night before,my mommy was getting shocked after i told her about what would i get (the money) after finishing the internship.

i just didn’t know wad sud i do,because what mommy told me (big part of it) is right. my mommy thinkin even that internship salary didn’t pay much for my transport.


my house on Kebon Jeruk,the office in Duren Tiga

the routes

1st. walkin on foot to masjid (free,but tired enough,lol)

2nd. in masjid, taking m-2* public vehicle (20 bucks)

3rd. arrive at rawa belong,taking m-1* public vehicle (25 bucks)

4th. till Slipi,taking 143 to mampang(60 bucks)

5th. in mampang take another bus to durentiga (25bucks)

departure cost 130bucks = 13000

but because those are too complicated

i just take an ojeg (a motorcycle public vehicle) worth 150bucks = 15000

go home cost??

take more money than departure cost

around 200bucks (exclude if i wanna go somewhere,taking a trip or something)

total 350bucks for the trip home-office-home

those are not including breakfast-lunch-dinner cost


i’ve just realized now,when i’m typing that finally i know the reason why my mommy get complain about it.

my mommy just told me,better if i help her in Tenabang (we are entrepreneur family,dont you guys still remember?), and she will serve me 10times money than i am in here right now.


but i think, “c’mon,just search an experience first,money is the last thing for this time. and if i’m searching for next job later,that time i will finally consider about the bling-bling things”


so here i am  now,enjoying my internship that provide me a computer,a speed internet connection with a modem ( i don’t know why,but in this office,the people who surfing with a modem just Mr.R and me ,as far as  i see. the others using jerk hotspot like a crab)


i have to…not to go

but i have to continue my work first



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