explanation of sudden vacation

hi folks!

whoop whoop (the happy jumping of my heart sounds like)


we’ve already arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport on Denpasar (or Jimbaran,or whateva the name is).

But before,i’ll tell you why we can arrive in here.

12 hours ago…

i am raudha on the way to my college,to check all of the campus things that had to confirm (like the schedule,the meeting with the academic tutor and so on). after arriving ,i went to secretary of associate degree of communication to confirm all things that could be confirmed. and when i was doing that , my friend wanda called  from bali…


because my application for the internship was applied by V company,the vacation that i planned since 7 months ago had to be cancelled. i planned to go to bali with my advertising friends and i asked my senior high school’s friends and my fasilkom’s friends to go to bali too. but it was cancelled .

so Wanda with Pam and Kristel and with Broadcaster friend (different major with us,the advertiser) left me.

Wanda called me to ask a help for confirming her schedule too. I was okay with that till she provoked me to go to bali then.  yeah she really persuaded me. she told me that the ticket was cheap (around 360bucks) that made me shock enough. it was cheap enough,you know. Pam took the phone and told me that they were happy there and i had to follow on them.

damn, i wanted to go there actually.

and suddenly i called Dad,and he permitted me to go to bali.

now,the rest was My Mommy,i just thought My Mommy would not permitted if i went alone.

yes,she did

but not if i asked Rully,Ricca,Ricco to go with me.

and with Ticka (my sister in law,Ricco’s wife).

On Maghrib,when we called Ricco ( he live in different house with Ticka and Brandon,their son), ricco just took it easy. firstly they thought that we were kidding but after i told them to package their stuff because we would took the last flight on 20.40,they believed it. Finally…


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