so the flight was…

Ricco said

i think i am just surrender my life to Allah

Ricca said

That was the worst flight i’ve ever taken

Ticka said


I dont want to take a night flight again,never!!!

(we saw she was crying)


Oh God…


Bad,but finally we are in bali right?

okay,after buying tickets (that the cost increase suddenly as our sudden planning,600bucks/ticket), we got horrible worst flight. we just forgot about rainy season in Indonesia (in Indonesia means include in bali too). that night the flight outrange the storm,heavy storm i guessed.

the flight was just too fragile. Up and down,shaking every second and rainy.

when we took off,the weather still dry. on my mind i just thinking i wanna see rain from the plane (because usually i get flight in sunny day).

and the request is admitted. with additional , the storm. lol

thezulfans got jetlag and feeling dizzy after arriving in Ngurah Rai airport.

we got confused about where we had to go now in the middle of the night. i called Pam and Wanda and they want to picked us up. But Ricco said that let we search the hotel and the car rental by ourselves. so we took the taxi and found a bungalow in Kartika Plaza,Kuta (the name is Pendawa Hotel, hotel but looks like bungalow). And fell in to bed suddenly…

but we were just taking a nap,because we got hungry. The flight didn’t provide the food.we just take a snack like astor with the cost 40bucks in the plane.

Our saver is 14045,we ordered mcdonalds and just waiting inside bungalow in heavy rain weather.

After long time waiting in starvation condition,the delivery person came and we (brutallity) ate the food.

and then

we could take the real sleep finally…

ps : i am not telling you about the flight airlines is because i dont want to insult the company. but if you wanna know about the airlines just comment okay! lol


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