Movin’ On

So,why we didn’t post our experience last day?

it is just because the surprise that given Dad to us.

Dad let us to live in his new house that has been empty since 6 months ago.

This vacancy is for Ricco and Ticka to move to their new environment for better living.

The new house spot is in Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta.

Not really far away from our Mommy’s house and Ricco’s house.

Dad said that it will be better if this house is being full of people rather than empty.


Dad live with Raihan and Nadia in Meruya.

Ricco asks me to live with him together

and I approve that.

Ricca doesn’t want to join with us because she is comfort in Our Mommy’s house.

Me too, of course, but i really really have to learn to live by myself now.

Have to be independent,to prepare myself for the next study abroad.

We just too busy till cannot drop a letter here,lol

After being busy by move things from former house to this, i (finally) can decorate my own room as my imagination.

Although it has not been finished yet, i’ve already excited for this plan.


Yesterday i stick the wallpaper all by myself alone. i glued them up to my wall for 3 hours while listening my ipod.

It’s fun, you know.


The next plan,we will search the painter or bomber to decorate and paint Brandon’s room.

We will change his room become formula-1 circuit,with his wall that painted the situation of race circuit.

His bathroom will be the pit stop.


Now , i am in Ricco’s new room to watch the engineer install the air conditioner in his room.


ps : i’ll post you soon,the pic of my decorated room


One response to “Movin’ On

  1. so fun yu know! i’ll wait for ur room pict! okay

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