I (try to) Love Monday !!!

Lil bit hard to start this day…


because i haven’t slept yet.

it was started from my past habbit which are keepin’ awake all night long in front of my macbook.

eventhough there was a homework,or just chit chattin’,or just to notify the update of my plurk and facebook and another wasting time surfing activities.

it would spend my whole night,you know….

i don’t know why thus things become horrible now.

On Sunday

i woke up at 9am,gettin to mommy’s house for preparing myself to go to Tenabang.

As usual, being Cashier, Music Player and Shop Keeper for Silly Billy apparel house.

Rully go with Bisu (the shop assistant that really mute but blessed by his fast reflect and smart thinker) by motorcycle.

While me getting into the car with my cousin, Multazam , and sister of Ticka (My brother’s wife) , Egi to Tenabang.

We are thankful to Allah for blessing given to us. For that day too.

After finishing our work,we just went home directly.

Honestly,after work in Tenabang, i would go to Pluit for Karaoke-ing with my Spikarz (friends in 2 Senior High School JKT).

We would like to support Ayu,one of my friend that getting in serious problem disasters. But the plan was cancelled and so I did went to home directly.

From that evening


this morning

i have not been taking sleep at all…

just for playing my macbook all night long.

Especially play with my advertiser friends that so long have not been seen.

In Plurk,Facebook,Yahoo Messenger.

What the wasting time ever,

and make my Twitter active.

Sounds like geek in the macbook,isn’t it?

Okay,i accompanied my Friend, Arrie so he didn’t pass his Subuh pray and…

<* i am in monthly period of blooding>

I am not being late to go for internship if i try to sleep. I know if i try, i will be waking up at 1 pm.

And there is not only two of us but also there are my Fasilkom’s friend, Ikhma (next, i will text her as QueenPlurker) accompanied us too in Plurk,and  Ronal,Rudy and Yanuar in Facebook things in the middle of breaking dawn.

*sounds like i am promoting that site,hell yeah…i am not paid.

And now, i don’t know why

but i feel my eyes look likes Megan Fox’s eyes

yiaay,no… that doesn’t mean i am too narcissistic or what.

But my eyes become pale,droopy and sharp (that’s because i have to stay awake when riding in high way on the way to V office)

i drove 120 km/hours and i was so sleepy,very very sleepy till i didn’t realize i drove like butterfly

and when i looked to middle rear view, i just think

wew my eyes look like Indian, and i think i’ve ever seen these eyes before…

but when 

and where

ups i saw on Cover Magazine when i kept the store in Tenabang

Megan Fox

damn what the hell happened in my brain

getting absurd this Monday morning




back to office

uhh ohh, Mr. R is calling me

i have to get back work

lot of things that i must do now



ps : my lady friends, don’t forget to send your cv to email that i’ve been told you in Wall.




2 responses to “I (try to) Love Monday !!!

  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? My Megan??

  2. whuaad? do you have any objection about that?
    i told you,my brain was going absurd that time
    after plurking all night long actually,lol

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