Voluntarily Sun Bathing

Wow i did that.

i just shocked with myself that voluntarily did sun bathing last afternoon when i got my lunch.

So,there is a friend from V office that asked me to get lunch together,even though she was fasting actually.

She just kindda bored with the office and wanna go somewhere out of this office.

So directly i asked her to show me the way to Ketoprak ,then sat on the seat that already provided by the seller.

Firstly,sky looked so grey and cloudly. Match with my situation that needed the cool atmosphere (because the ketoprak is too hot,and there was no drink there). But suddenly after the sun wan not covered again by the cloud,the shiny mid-noon sun that so strength , was just touching my skin directly.

And after getting lunch,unbelievable thing happened again.

i walked around 7oo m to mini market without sun protection.

So i just asked myself then.

Then what is the purpose of using medical whitening treatment from the doctor for 3 years if you just taking voluntarily sun bathing for the next an hour without uv protection…

such a wasting efforts??let yours become sunburn and black?

not looks like tanned girls

,,even white skin girls. 

argh dunno

i enjoyed that, and i am feeling thankful of what i get now 


back to work

Gotta Go



9 responses to “Voluntarily Sun Bathing

  1. hahahahah lol….^^”
    such as indonesian the proverb said” panas dalam setahun hilang karena hujan sehari”

  2. girls u have to be watch out with the danger of radical effect.
    use sun lotion to protect ur skin against the uv.
    don’t forget to wear it okay

  3. hyaaa
    i remember that proverb

    my face has been re-peeling automatically when i woke up this morning.

    yiaay hows ur meeting with your PA sikatgigiyuk-chan?

  4. auzilla, would you buy me a banana boat sun block,please?

    my money is decreasing since getting back from Bally…hyaa

  5. Ur story so fun….
    Thx 4 visiting me.

  6. it sounds right but its sounds complicated too,, afterall theres still some elder guys which i thought dat he never use dat kinda uv protection in his life n his skin (espc. face) all seems okay. hahaha dunno

    but im wonderin if i wanna take a sunbath to make my skin black or tanned.. i have to use a tan oil rite? but any good timing to avoid uv effect but still yet make a good tanned skin? jiaahahahaha

  7. your welcome
    btw i am newbie and your blog gave me feature about blogging that all to the good.
    i’ll learn about blogroll and will put your link on mine next day when i can use that widget
    thx for visiting

  8. eirra,who is he?

  9. Thx y, n I’ll give U a backlink in my blogroll…

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