Waiting is too SHIDDAMN


i am in my campus now

exactly in C building in Computer Science Faculty in UI,Depok

so after working for half day,when people got their lunch

i got to permit to Mr.R for going to campus earlier cause i want to meet my Academic Tutor.

for my advertising college things…

it’s done

but not for my computer science things…

i’ve already been waiting for my AT of computer science for 3 hours…

and now i am in the dark room

yes,all lamp has already been black out

the only source of the light is from my macbook’s display

i feel so shiddamn

shit + damn = shiddamn

i’ve wasted my time for plurkin’,and facebookin’

and in the name of God

finally i’ve updated my old old friendster


maybe if i am not so bored like this,i wouldn’t update that site



it is going darker here

yiaay i am hearing phone’s ringing in the other room

soo scary

have to go

shiddamn that AT

i want to scrub his head


whuaa Maghrib comes

i have to go homw



2 responses to “Waiting is too SHIDDAMN

  1. hahaha just if ur cellphone is working actually dat day we wasnt goin karaoke cause its alreade fulbooked shitty.. then we take a chance to ride a bicycle in ui! took a photos and quite shiddam too at the last moment cos we’re too late so have to giveback d bike to fisip! shittty

  2. yeah,my mobile is so brokenreed , so not reliable in urgent situation.
    i heard from chacha that nav is soo popular right now.

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