Brandon is coughing,Poor you kid

Feeling guilty and so sad

because my belovely son ,Brandon (okay,honest he is my nephew)

is coughing.

everytime he wants to swallow his food,he pukes it again and again

so the plan is we will buy him a cough syrup,but unfortunately when his sitter go to buy it,

i am googling and found the fact that the cough and flu medicine is not recommended for baby below 3 years old.

fyi brandon is 2 years old.


just for second,i heard brandon cried

and my sister said that his head hitted the wall bccause his walk style looked like drunken master


yeah maybe it is because he is dizzy right now.

after a moment…

Wow,i am not hearing his crying again

where is he?

Suddenly after typing question sentence above

his mother told me that Brandon has already slept in their parent’s room

good for him then

Love you Brandon


ps : thezulfans now are watching Hindustan Movie right now in Brandon’s room.

Ricco tells me that this movie is now playing on megaplex theatre

Ricca looks like bored because the main cast is not really good looking

Raudha feels amaze about the main idea of this movie,take a “Who wants to be a Millionaire” quiz 

Rully?  just watching

the title is Slam Dog Millionaire

and we heard the soundtrack in English language,sounds like Eve sings it.

I’ll googling it for further info

i have to continue to watch the movie



3 responses to “Brandon is coughing,Poor you kid

  1. ohhh ive heard dat! ill go further to watch the film! poor brandy! hahaha (rite.. brandon) get well soon lil man!

  2. hahaa sometimes i call him brandy…
    but his sitter or his mommy sometimes calling him brandon-lee

  3. sounds more like brangelina.. ech!

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