Advertising Meeting in V company

V company was searching people for helping them in new event.

We needed more people,so Mr. R asked me to search someone,sometwo or somethree for doing the internship together with me.

i asked the advertisers in UI,and so happy when my friend Kristel wanted to join with me.

So,Kristel came to V company with hectic situation. She didn’t know where V company and depended on my hints.

She got passed around 200 m from the office when she realized where she was.

She remembered that V office neighboring with Wanda’s house. (Wanda is one of advertiser that i met in Bally).

When i was meeting Kristel in front of building , Wanda called me then wanted to come to V office too.

But not for applying a job, just wanna have some fun with us.

I met Wanda in miserable condition…

Nah i am kidding

she was just had not taken a bath yet since last night,because she was just coming back from her trip in Flores.

And then while Kristel got in interview

the interviewer is me because Mr. R told me that i had to review Kristel’s background first.

After interview session had over, Arrie (one of advertiser,the founder of came to V office for getting lunch with us.

4 advertisers in V company

such an awkward and happy event.

Arrie had to home earlier because he had to meet his friend.

Then Kristel,Wanda and Me watching a slideshow about Wanda’s trip to Bali,Flores and Mataram that so so amazing in my macbook.

After that

They went home…


Just got back to work



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