Miss Facebook Indonesia

That was not joking guys.

I really see it truly on sidebar when i check my facebook account.

I don’t know what the hell is that and getting curious with it.

So i enter that group page and see it.

And suddenly feeling ambitious with it.


i am serious.

directly my mind going to Wanda,my friend (the advertiser) that showed me her amazing photos when she went to Flores.

and i nominate my friend to be Miss of It.


Sounds like weird?

Dunno,but maybe yeah

it is supposed that i bored to see the “miss-miss” like that.

Wanda,i think,it will be great if she try to do this.

No, i don’t have any evil things or thinking when do that.

I know maybe some people think that i am so cruel or what.

But Wanda is one of great advertiser friend and she is popular and always updating her facebook.

Moderator of Minang Group in Facebook and also former admin of Gossip Guy group in Facebook too.

She is always checking facebook wherever she is,even in Bali,Flores or Mataram, she always updates hers.

She uploads photos,and photos and more photos to it.

When i saw her too in V company yesterday,she updated her account via Facebook mobile too.

She also sharing her experience (we can say she is blogging her journal live) via Facebook.

She gets online every night and all night long.

I think she gets insomnia or something like that.


So that’s why i nominate her to be Miss Facebook Indonesia

because she is facebooking herself all day and all night long.

i think she surrenders her life to be Facebook slave.

So what’s wrong with that?

You have to vote for her , guys…

yeah just vote by enlivened the discussion room


feeling curious?

click the image to enter the link

and enlivened that room.



i have to go work



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