More Confuse than Before

I am eating my lunch now.

I don’t even know what i’ve supposed to do after getting my lunch.

I am in dilemma.

Dilemma that make me more confuse than before.

i live in a life.

i am just a human







that have so many hopes,wants,needs

that have to be fulfilled by myself.

so with my choice that i do now.

i across this path with pure happiness and joy.

i hate grumbler.

even more  i am not that typical person.

i don’t like grumbling,muttering my life.

i thankful of that.

i do two majors in same university.

i do the organization that so entertain my life named RTC

i do the internship for adding more experiences in my life

last but not least

i do help my mommy to continue our business family.

beside that there are a lot of wasting time activities that i DO and i really really DO.

in a life.

so Life is just not satisfied me if i just go to sleep,just study or just doing some junky activities.

i have to do lot of things so my life can be more worthed.

but i know i don’t have much time.

so i am getting confuse now

because V plans something for me.

V company wants to hire me more than just internship.

To be a part-timer…

is that  a chance?

or just a greed (when i take  that chance) ?


i will and must discuss about the salary,the one thing that can pump up my passion.

(hey,i am not material girl but sometimes your effort have to be payed in a great deal,rite?)


i have to go

have to think it deeply

more deeply


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