i want to make this blog independent.

so this plan has already been planned since long time ago

when i want to make my own site,without using subdomain.

i want to make


so  i started to search cheap hosting,cheap domain,and everything that cheap.

i don’t have enough money to do this,so i searc the cheap one.

but usually cheap things is not only cheap price but also cheap quality,maintenance and cheap service.

i don’t want to be trapped in “cheap = low” hole.

can anyone help me to give a reference or advise what supposed i do?

i need help…



i even don’t know the differences of hosting with 50 mb,100 mb or what the useful of it

one thing that i know,if we use small space , the hosting space give that space in low price,but i think small space just limit my creativity because maybe someday i want to upload my artworks, mp3s or something like that.


am i right?


5 responses to “INDEPENDENT

  1. 1st the visitors of ur blog, where from, 2nd bandwidth, 3rd service, 4th uptime.
    Plz, cum here and try to choice.

  2. Sorry, my english so bad

  3. nothings wrong with that
    it’s fine… i am so glad for your advices,
    wow so many references,are they trustable?
    thx so much for that useful links

    ps : one of this blog’s purposes is to improve my skill in english actually.
    so please not to worry about it.

  4. No, I can’t sure they are trustable, those are the list of webhosting in Indonesia. But You can see some experiences of their customers by Googling.

  5. hahaha yeah, i try to explore some of them and still consider which one is matching for me.

    i hope my own independent site can be publishing asap


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