End of Internship

the last day of my internship was not ended with melodrama things.

lucky me, i ended with adventure style.

so last January ,Friday and Saturday had already planned with outbound by V office.

We would go to Citarik,Sukabumi for doing paint ball,rope course,flying fox,and last but very amazing is RAFTING.

I really loved those stuff.

i was so happy and the moment is enjoyable.

That moment made me near with the other V’s staffs.

When i did my internship,i just knew few people,but after i followed the outbound…

i feel so so closest to them.

after that we went to Pelabuhan Ratu and taking some pics in “South Beach Sea”

I bought lots of bananas and salty fish.


V’s office

thx for that moment

i really enjoy it


2 responses to “End of Internship

  1. beuuhhh..mantep banged ni outbondnya..

    ke pelabuhan ratu juga kan…
    Coba pake acara muter2 ke tengah laut pake perahu…
    petualangan juga tuh..
    kalo berhasil ga muntah jago dah..

  2. yeah bro,we were going to Pelabuhan Ratu,but because it was rainy,we just taking some pics that have great view.

    wow,going to the sea that’s a wonderful idea,i even didn’t think about it.
    but because we had to go early so we didn’t have much time to explore it further

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