CockRoach ATTACK!!!

damn,until know i really cannot imagine why God creates cockroach in this world. I’ve not found the answer yet.

i think i’ve ever heard in Qur’an and Hadist say, Allah creates something because that thing has (at least one) benefit.

and about the cockroach…

i dunno…

but it made my night hectic and i feel like in panic room.

so firstly,it started when i was charging my macbook in center room.

i was browsing,posting,updating something when the cockroach stalked me behind my macbook.

he showed his one of his pair browny radar that so so ****** (more than disgusting)

and then i moved so fast with my macbook to my mommy’s room to protect myself from another incident that would be happened if i was still in there.

so i enjoyed my activities again ( i wanted to make my macbook become dual os,so i was googling it).

until suddenly HE aka COCKROACH came to mommy’s room without any guilty ran across me.

yiaaay, he hid in the middle of plastic and i don’t know what i supposed to do.

in my mind , i couldn’t kill him because his dead body would be sink,smelly or something.

so i thought i just made him cannot runaway and danced as he always did in front of me.

so i had to trap him.

it was so hard because when i tried to trap him (with a cover of can) he so easily runaway and return to my place when i was not concentrating to trap him.

so after he attacked me with his escaping, turn around the bedcover and junky plastic

finally i trapped him.

hahahaaha (big applause, please)


inside the brown cover there is a trapped cockroach

inside the brown cover there is a trapped cockroach

that’s the result of our battle in the middle of the night.


ps : until now,i still hear a sound that come from brown cover (the cockroach is trying to escape himself)


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