that’s what you get feat. searching another girlfriend (Again?!)

somebody invited me to join with their band,and i dunno why???

yeah somebody means my friends in computer science class.

so computer science faculty will held an event that will entertain you guys with computer things,high quality gadget information,entertainment side (music and others performances).

i haven’t know what the title of that event,but eventually my friends plan to get performing on that event.

they want to sing songs.

and they ask me to join…

and suddenly i approve their invitation.

and here we are,at abby’s house do some band practicing.

me as vocalist

abby as drummer

dick as bassist

and acil as guitar

accompanied with tya,mala and grandi that seeing us practice horribly.

firstly we play paramore’s song,that’s what you get and then suddenly dick suggests that he wants to play “cari pacar lagi” by st12

wad a freak,,hahahahaha

but it’s okay,because it is really funny and so entertaining,so we plan to play that song and dick will become the vocalist.

i will just sing a song,paramore’s song.

we hope that it will be working well

hope so…


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