after a week in university

well,the new term has already been being started (correct me if my grammar is wrong) for a week. it is lil bit  hectic,tremendous and full of surprise.


rite,full of surprise…

especially the lecturers.

i find new lecturers and they make me gasp.

one of them is so good looking and charismatic even though lil bit messy (but cool),

one of them looks like so patriotic and similar with police-woman with her loudly voice that so cool too,

one of them brought his genius son in the first session of lecture and start the lesson lately,

the others seem like being in queue for my next exploration.


besides the lecturers,of course there are a leaky of tasks and deadline things that i have to be done next week.

i will do them asap

hope i can…

and this saturday

i’ll start my first broadcast in university’s radio alone.

i mean i will be a single dj and i’ll bring TOP 30 show that will tell you about the hit list for a week.

it will be great time, i guess …



upps i have to enter the class which police-woman lecturer will be teaching us in advertising class.. cannot be late



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