Design Quadratic

This term i get two lecture that so similar.

in computer science i get “Web Design and Programming”

in advertising i get ” Application of Graphic Design”

both of them command me to complete the knowledge about design in website and flash (using adobe,macromedia and other softwares).

those are really fun and cool.

i love them and i think i can do better on them.

in advertising class,the lecturer choose a theme for the design that we will use for this term. it is static and affect our final test design that must contain that theme.

my theme?

“Wireless Person”

wow,it sounds weird but it is also “too me”,you know…

i mean,yeah i am a gadget-freak and also hate wire


in computer science class

i learn very very basic xhtml,and for the first time i make a website start from zero.

 (i use the code,pure code. i am not using the software that provide you the templates like i usually did.)

and it is exciting.

you can see my very first site that implements by xhtml code on


i must rebuilt it again someday…



One response to “Design Quadratic

  1. I hope U’ll b a professional Programmer.

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