soft sell on friday

so what is that actually?

yeah ‘SOFT SELL’ is one of my lectures in advertising program. i get it every Friday evening.
soft sell looks like a way of selling in smooth way.
not like you scream “BUY ME BUY ME” like that, but we use a strategy to pronounce our products and services.

and you know what
the lecturer some kind like lately-hatred…
that’s why she pronounces to us that she will held a quiz every time we meet before starting the lecture.

the good way to prevent us to come late.
the facts are

1. yeah we come earlier and waiting for her.
2. after she comes and starts the quiz, we just get panic because don’t know what the material that she will gives in that quiz
3. at the end of the quiz when we collect the quiz paper, some of us directly going outside for smoking or praying because we cannot do that before the lecture (just too scare we don’t get the quiz that can affect our final score).

so it is not efficient,right?

the lecturer is beautiful…hihihi


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