start Monday with DSA

i would glad to tell you guys that…

i even dont have any idea about what “Data Structure and Algorithm” is…


every Monday and Wednesday i will be learning that lecture.

and it is so out of my logic.

i even cannot catch the meaning of complexity in algorithm.

so in algorithm,when you are making a program or a software you have to know is it efficient using the codes. you have to search another codes that can give you more efficient way to solve your problem.

usually we have satisfied when we finish our coding (i use Java language program). but sometimes maybe your coding can make your problem solved fastly or maybe in the worst case , taking long time.


the lecturer shows us that the codes can make some differences.

he shows that with the first codes we can solve our problem in 7 days (wow,can you imagine when you want to crop your image in photoshop,it will be running for 7 days to crop it).

and we change the algorithm,and … tadaaaa…

the program will solve your problem in 2 days 11 minutes…


nope,because after that he changes the algorithm again and the program can solve your problem in 13 minutes.


wow,what an incredible lesson that i get..

just with Algorithm you can solve your problem faster that you can imagine before.


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