Review of Last Friday Night

Suddenly i planned with mba kiki, one of my friend in V office when i was doing my internship last month, to go for watching a movie in Cilandak Town Square.

after visiting V office,i directly moved my car to college for joining the Soft Sell lecture in advertising major.

and suddenly i asked arrie,the one of advertiser to join with me for watching movie.

and he approved it.

and then my computer science friends,nanda and anu sent a text message that asked me to go with them for watching movie.

i remembered that i had ever asked them to watch movie together.

so suddenly i approved their offer with telling them that i brought my advertiser friend and my internship friend.

so from our college in the evening after soft sell,we went to Citos.


so hard until we think we are going to be agony.

one hour later,inside Citos we found mba kiki and we had a dinner in A&W.

Arrie texted message to Winda,one of our advertising friend to come to Citos for watching together.

When waiting for Winda, mba kiki made a joke (that so racism) and made me and arrie were laughing out loud. (people starred at us on that time)

Finally,winda came and we bought ‘Defiance’ tickets in 21 cinema.

The night was so entertaining and full of laugh

what a happy day…


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