Review of Last Saturday Night

did i have already told you that i was visiting V company last week? yupp,and and the day after..

i am going to watch ‘Valkyrie’ movie in PIM2 XXI with Mba Enji and Her BoyFriend, Chandra, Mba Anda and Sandy from V office.

and i asked Anis,my advertising friend to join with us.

The movie is “so-so” for me,not bad one but not good too.

but actually i was shocked by the condition of PIM2 teenagers that “so-so” too…

it is too crowd,very crowd until i got confuse what the heck was happened in that place.

so dizzy to see the people in a bunch of group showing off their style that so “up-to-(much)-date”.

until after finish our movie,the V-ers decided to get their dinner in burger king,when i with anis decided to go home earlier.

V-ers are kind and funny.

i love to hang around with them again sometimes


ps: anis is going crush with a man from V office…

oh my ooh….


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