Creative Brief must be just ONE PAGE

Last week Soft Sell lecturer commanded us to make a creative brief and must collect it today.

Us mean we make it in group.

I join with Rising Star Group

there are Marco,Diah,Kristel,Ludi,Kelik and Pam then Me…

Creative Brief

is an information about the insight from consuments about the client’s product or services.

this brief is restricted for one page.

it will be easier for creative workers to understand what people want or desire from this product or service with this creative brief. so creative workers can make an advertisement that can punch the consuments mind and thought directly.


creative brief contains :

1. Marketing Objective

we have to find one purpose why we want to make this advertisement.

(increase the sale 10%,or change the paradigm of this product)

2. The Product

a lil description about this product include the fact and people’s think about this product

3. Target Audience

We have to decide the target audience. We are taking a place as the target audience and tell about what our problem is,and what the thing that we desire from this product.

(using I,i hope there are products that can make my day out…etc)

4. Promise and Support

Here,we give what our products or service can give to consuments and the supporting facts.

5. Brand Personality

we give you the “now” personality,that is the personality of our brand that people thinking nowadays.

and then we give you our “needed” personality. the personality that we want consuments thinking about our product or service after they watch our advertisement.



all five things must be decremented as one page

could we??


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