Friday I’m in Proud

This day is our final presentation,RISING STAR, to client for our execution of Starbucks.

Our client “Anak Pintar” had given us their creative brief,and from that creative brief we had to make execution of radio ad,print ad and tvc (tv commercial) that related with the marketing objectives,the product,target audience,promise and support and the needed personality, in their creative brief.

Our client order is simple but not easy.

They want people think that Starbucks,eventhough it’s expensive enough but it is worthed.

You will get more than you expect from your payment and from another Coffee House that serve you in cheaper price .

And the execution are…

Print Ad

concept : Rising Star

Model : Ludi Mahfud

Photographer : Pambagyo Triastomo


Radio Ad

Talent 1 : Marco Anthony

Talent 2 : Kelik Bayundara

Talent 3 : Fadiah Prihandini


TVC (story board)

concept : Marco and the other stars

drawer : Marco

layout and coloring : Kelik and Pam


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