tomorrow i’ll start my middle-term test.

first test is Application of Graphic Design.

the test is going like this

we have to give  a down-payment with a task,and the task is

We have to make a dvd’s cover about our life that syncronize with our theme.

My theme is “Wireless Person”

I have to make a “mood board” (like scrap book) to stimulize my imagination.

So i am doing my cover now,and i get stuck when putting my picture.

My concept is…

there is a cable around the cover and i try to cut it with my scissors.

i dont have a picture when i try to cut something with my scissors…

so i am searching it now…

wish me luck…

then after we give the task,he will give us a real middle-test task that will be collected next week.

what is the task?

we will see…


2 responses to “DEADLINE

  1. I wish you the best of luck. I remember how difficult those graphic design projects can be.

  2. thank you george,,
    yeah it is..
    finally i’ve already submitted it
    btw did you take any graphic design school?

    your comic strip is awesome

    unfortunately,i’m comic-addict,
    thx for giving me the link of yours…

    ps: one of my favorite comic-stripe

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