for the next twelve hours,i must have submitted the take-home middle term test of SOFT SELL.

there are 4 choices of dream job

become …

Account Executive

mmm we have to make a creative brief of Formula toothbrush.

so have to research,research and research

my friends using their facebook to share the questioner.


Art Director

we have to remake the packaging of Sariwangi Tea-Pack. Make the new theme without leaving their original logo and element (halal logo,unilever logo and Don’t Littering logo)


Creative Director

(that was my first choice before)

i’ve already been dreaming about the concept. We have to make a print-ad, a radio-ad and a tvc’s storyboard of Gatsby Body Shower Gel. The lecturer had given the creative brief and leave the execution to the student that choose this job.

but because the deadline is just too close away

i change the job in last minute

and finally make decision to make

Copywriter’s task.

have to make TWO print ads of ZARA and have to make a copy minimum half page copy in BAHASA.

remember!!! in BAHASA.


it is definetly hard that i have imagined before…

now,i am on my way executing this path…


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