V company ask me to join with them as a real worker

When i red a message in my facebook’s inbox, i just felt a little bit terrible and confuse.

One of the leader in V company,asked me to join with them again.

Not as the intership worker,but a real worker.

Although it was quite confusing for me,because i had already done double degree in my university,moreover if i accepted this offer…

i couldn’t imagine what would happen in my life then.

but if i accepted that offer,it would be great right?!

hence i received that offer that i thought as a challenge in my life,my mind was going to the other dreams if i join with them.

imagine when you produced money without asked your parent anymore.

okay,i know the salary was not big enough (eventhough,i hadn’t asked the salary yet,because i still confused to manage my schedule).

but thus came from your effort.

and still i had to take a compulsory as a daughter of my mommy and daddy, to keep Silly Billy (our apparel shop) under me & my siblings control every weekend.

so considered about those things,

could i still have a chance to do those?


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