yuhuuu i wake up in the noon and realize that i am nearly late to go to place for the election.

This day is Election Day for Legislative member.

i get the invitation from TPU (tempat pemilihan umum) 06.

Election time is from 7 am till 12 pm.

and my family don’t use their vote because

mommy — lil bit lazy because she doesn’t know anything about the candidates

ricco — has already been there (TPU 06) and directly going home because he will get his turn after waiting for 30 persons. just bit lazy

ricca — she is doing her lunch

the others?

instead still underage but some of them THAT qualified don’t have invitations from our “Ketua RT”.

about the way i choose the candidates?


first, when i’m coming at 11.50 am …

i just feel awkward because i think i’ll be late and the election crew will not admit me to choose.

But guess what,after i give the invitation (without showing my id card) to the crew,and sit for 10 seconds ,they call my name.

(Please!!! Compare with my brother that has to wait around half an hour for 30 persons before him,and he just go home)


wow the paper (that contain the parties with their candidates ) are TOO BIG.

and the cubical is TOO SMALL.

It’s getting complicated when we open those things.

the first paper that i open is the red one (for DPD) and shows a lot of pictures that i don’t even know what the hell are those.

the second one, big enough and i put little “check list” to my favourite party

and so the third one too.

and just 5 minutes , that process finish…

and i’m going home with no feeling…

the conclusion is

Whataver,Whoever the party or the candidate that you choose

i (we) hope for the best ,right?

ps: can’t wait the president election,then…hiihihihihi


One response to ““CHECK LIST” Day

  1. wow! i felt the same way too, comin late and called soon! GO SBY!

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