They are leaving

Ricco and Rully are leaving

the boys are going out to Bali

fiuhh leave us, the girls…

the previous day…

Ricca asked me to go with her to celebrate her next 13th April birthday in Bali just with 4 of us Ricco, Ticka, Ricca and me.

somethings had changed.

our mommy didn’t permit me to go because one of us had to keep our Silly Billy open. and that’s me!!!

and then suddenly Rully begged our mom to let him go with us… although he should face the reality on next Monday he would get the middle term test.

i was leaved…


they were gone

when i was alone, kept our store…

to maintain my emotion, i rent comics and magazines

i red my belovely shinichi (meintantei Conan) after going home from keeping the store till midnight until suddenly my door room was opened by..


yuupp i was shock because i thought she had already been in Bali then.

and the illumination is

Ticka watched “Knowing” the night before with Ricco and Ricca and just being scared about THE AIRPLANE CRASH scene on that movie that made the girls are too scared to go to Bali.

ckckckc so the girls cancelled their plan.

but not with the boys.

Ricco , in fact, had already asked his friends to go with him.

hmm sounds like they will have some fun there right now


the boys just arrived at 9 pm in Bali since they departed from Jakarta this afternoon because they had to transit in Surabaya…

have so much fun bros…


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