downloading iphone’s applications

i have been downloading it since last night and it’s taking long time.

my sister commanded me to download cute games and sophisticated applications.

it started when brandon (my nephew, 2 years young) play with the iphone.

it is a lack ,when we tap the screen lil bit in long time,the screen changes the stand-by mode become deletion-mode that will show the delete icon in every application

brandon did that.

he did the tap to the screen for 3seconds and inadvertently he delete the application.

and it hapenned again and again.

that make the iphone lost its coolest game,like dinner dash and cooking mama,salon’s sally…


so my sister was begging me to fill the iphone with cool stuffs.

i try a lil bit complicated first,because the game that she wants is in “top paid” in itunes store,which means they have to be paid.

my sister gets the previous cool applications from ITC Roxy Mas, the place where she bought her phone.

i don’t really know if those are piracy application or not,but i am curious why the people in Roxy or we called Roxyman,can have lot of cool applications. where do they get it?

because it is my first time to surgerize it

instead of paid, i search in “top free”.

but the application in top free just provide the lite version,but it is better rather than not.

but firstly if we want to download it,we have to make an account in itunes first.

my first impression before,if we want to make an itunes store account we have to provide our credit card for shopping online.

but it is totally wrong,the sign-up is free

and here am i now

downloading the free application from itunes store.

because i have already had itunes software before,it is directly narrow to the applications.

but if i didn’t, i have to download itunes first.


i will leave the downloading with sleeping,i am so tired



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