iphone sync

what the hell is this?

when i try to connect the iphone with my pc through itunes, it let me to fill the program with synchronization first.

is it means, the iphone previous applications will be removed right?

but the previous applications iphone is too cool to be removed,and in fact the previous application on my sister’s iphone just available in “top paid” not in top free.

i just want to add more applications,but why i have to removed the other one with those synchroHELLnization…



is there any way to fill my downloadable program that i’ve downloaded last night without removing the previous one?


4 responses to “iphone sync

  1. Nope, it wouldn’t remove your prev apps. instead it will sync and back up your data from iPhone into your iTunes. But make sure u have the same account both in your iTunes and iPhone.


  2. halo rauda. akhirnya menemukan blog mu.
    jadi ceritanya kamu memiliki iphone?
    aku maauu

  3. hahahaha that one? is my sister properties say,i was just asked for improving its function
    hahaha,although i infant with it,but lets waiting for iphone 4.5g then…
    wow cha,the games are awesome,ya’ve to try..

  4. thx for the advice rbbagindo
    i’ve already tried,and it’s work
    thank you so much

    but do ya know whre we can download the other free applications beside itunes store?

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