that is a lecture that i get for this term in advertising class.

taught by a comedian lecturer that so unique and different that always coming lately for class.

one day,he commands me and my friends to make a group that has to work for a new thing.

we have to make a new product outside the box,outside from the mainstream daily need product.

just something new and fresh.

out of imagination.

because he thinks,every product start from our imagination.


they are started from imagination.

from that imagination,people the inventor start to make these things real and can be used.

imagine if we don’t have imagination…




okay,you’ll get boring right now because the redundant

but yeah

i ask you to imagine if your brain-machine doesn’t have imagination gear.

last of this post,

i’ll give you a gift

a song from craig david-just my imagination

ps: read next post,about the innovation thing that my group invented.


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