Two Days for Photo Session I/O

i was thinking what would i do to celebrate my birthday.

i just didn’t want to make it so ordinary like treat friends to restaurant for eating something.

i just wanted to make it different.

and finally that thing came out from my mind,popping out like bubble in the air.

to take a photo session

formal photo session with my friends likely cool enough for me.

i had already planned about concepts and wanted to realize it asap.

some pic like these

ala family  photo studio using black and white effect is SO COOL


and i wanted to have photos like that with my family or my friends.

So last week, on the early May, i asked Pam,one of my friend in advertising class whose working as freelance-photographer in his company


Pam3Asard Photography to help me do a favor such taking some pictures like above to us (me with my friends, SPIKARZ).

the photo session took two days with theme such a formal elegant for indoor and colouring rainy for outdoor.

indoor place

using my house as a studio,using cool lighting and white background.

Pam used his camera,Canon 45D  and brought his assistant named Reza that brought his camera too.

it took 4 hours to take the photo.

We spent 3GigaByte memory just for the photo.


outdoor place

these were the pics behind the scene,before the session started

when Resa was brought by Pam in first day,the second one we just met the new guy named Eki (actually he is junior high school’s friend of Retno and Diana)

Eki (white hoodie,Pam's assistant) and Pam (used t-shirt)

Eki (white hoodie,Pam’s assistant) and Pam (used t-shirt)

before photo shoot


after those preparation,we’re going to have some fun at there.

so many people there doing same activities and that is PHOTO SHOOT TOO…

ckckckck what a narcism people

we took the pics at Musium Fatahillah Jakarta and Bank Mandiri’s Building.

it has great views and good lighting in the night.

wow,do you think these are cool enough?

if you want to do this same idea with me,just do it.

maybe if you need help

just ask Pam on Pam3asard Photography beside MY PAGE



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