Tasks, Quiz and DEADLINE

so many tasks that i have for this week

and here is the list


–deadline 7th May–

Web Design and Programming


Modify your home page. It has to have at least three hyperlinks to other pages at your site. The homepage must contains at least one flash. One of the non home page must display a sequence of five pictures using javascript.


what a coincidence in advertising class,i learned about flash too

so i just copied my flash’s exercise in advertising class to this task.

about javascript? because i got confuse how to implement slideshow in javascript by looking at people’s slideshow… i just look the implementation of javascript in Dicka’s slideshow (one of my fasilkom’s friend) and try to make it on my own.

Assignment 7

Turn you home page into index.php file and convert all your old index.html
into all php scripts in index.php. Include a content management system mechanism where you display news from file (read the news file and display to your web page).


i have to be an expert of php language, i know the language it so difficult and weird,but when i know the benefit when we implement it,it become the trigger that pull out my spirit to learn more about it.

and this is why i enrolled in Computer Science major,just for becoming web designer.

Data Structures and Algorithm


i cannot do that shitty thing…

make the code implementation in java about how to print adjacency matrix,adjacency list and degree in GRAPH implementation in data structures.

do not understand all of them…

–deadline 9th May–

Introduction to Computer Organization

Pair Assignment

Form a pair to do this assignment. Remember do not copy other pair’s work. big grin

For demo please check the thread regularly…. big grin

and your modification of first program using timer interrupt


my partner is Nanda,and we have to make the condition and the simulation of traffic lamp in three junction.

include the interrupt (looks like a button that can change the lamp manually) and also the timer-interrupt (looks like timer in traffic lamp).



deadline 26th May

Make the execution advertisement of Nutrisari


we use BONTE, one of my fasilkom’s friend as a talent for Nutrisari TV Commercial.


7TH May

Going to Sukabumi for visiting VILLA D’EQUILIBRIUM


SIGH- i cannot go there,because i have a quiz that finally i cannot do it at all.. just wasting my day to follow that shitty quiz then leave this opportunity to take this lil vacation.


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