wow wow wow


actually i have a lot of things to do,but

suddenly everythings evaporate and vanish.

why it can be?

i don’t know but one thing that i know,if we pray and we believe that our pray will be executed,so that will be happen. just believe.

i have lot of tasks that i think i cannot do that at all,and suddenly i have submitted all of them.

that’s because my friend’s help too.

i have lot of tasks in v company that i’ve not done yet,and when i met Mr.R (although he showed anger face) but it has passed unconsciously.

and then

i am entering “calm week”, week for concetrating to learn and prepare for final exam,but ofcourse beside prepare for final exam,

i have to finish my job in v company because i am not fulfilling the target of replying email when i just finished replying 200 emails  yesterday.

Mr.R said i was to slow (that’s because i have so many tasks to do this week,you can see here).



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