Shoot Shoot Shoot and ACTION

Yippie finally we did it.

As a group named Rising Star that born because the obligatory for finishing the advertising project in Soft Sell lecturer.

We have to do lot of things for final exam.

Our Final Exam is to make advertising campaign about Nutrisari with new concept.


Nutrisari,Refresh Your Day (Rising Star Concept)

Nutrisari,Refresh Your Day (Rising Star Concept)



Those things are

making creative brief,swot (strength,weakness,opportunity,threat),tv commercial,print advertisement and radio advertisement.

So last Sunday we started to execute the tv commercial about a student-girl of senior high school that so felt bad mood one day because her boyfriend couldn’t pick her up after school.

She felt terrible and messed her day,not only because her boyfriend but also the situation on that day that so hot.

She got in to an an angkot (a public transportation) to go home.

After arriving at home,she felt so tired and in hurry making something that can refresh her body.

There was Nutrisari in her kitchen,and she made it mix with cold water and ice blocks.

After she drunk Nutrisari, her mood was going better and prepared for the next task which was taking the English course.

After changing her cloth and wanted to go out,suddenly she found her boyfriend in front of the door.

she just shocked (but happy) and everything would go fine.

Nutrisari refresh her day.


That’s the whole story about our tv commercial

i’ll post the other ads soon.

these are the report when we went shooting…


Rising Star will upload the tvc after being edited,asap

just wait and see….


catch you later


2 responses to “Shoot Shoot Shoot and ACTION

  1. drooooollllll.. where y’all guys got that ang kowt?!

  2. droll??waddaya mean,,of course we rent it,,actually diah has it..but we had to rent it

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