Face it or you will become a loser



i have to face it actually


my final examination…


will am i getting enough score in the end?


we will see


here is my schedule of computer science final exam


on my first day i’ll be doing an exhausted part of this semester,

data structures and algorithm

one of the most convincing lecture that i’ve ever had.

i just hope the test will be open-book/note exam

on the second day,

i think i can do it, the scientific writing exam

after that on my third day

i’ll be designing my own site for completing Web Design and Programming exam

and then i’ll get my two days off, 

and continue to the forth exam

Introduction to Computer Organization,

i think i’m lil bit scared of this,because it’s hard for me to be a comprehensive student as traffic lamp expert.

think about ICO? think about traffic lamp….

i just got shocked when my middle-semester examination of ICO was given “93”…

i cannot believe it…

so i have to make this better…to get an A for this lecture


the last one is discrete mathematics

it ruins my life

on first exam i got 23

on the second one i got 46

how about next?

Allah, i just hope i can pass this lecture

i don’t want to repeat it on my next semester…

those are my lectures for this semester

ahh hope i can pass all of them successfully 


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