ASS Day and Cheater of The Year

What I did this morning was the dummiest thing ever…

What else i should call these are, if they were not moron,so they were pathetic, include me…

about Data Structures and Algorithm final exam


last night, i was very upset with myself

i couldn’t control myself for trying to take some sight to DSA’s book.

i directly went to bed without thinking about my future,on the next day.

so i woke up earlier this morning for copying and printing slide, materials, notes, books about the chapter that we would get for final exam.

i spent 75 papers (that means, i am out of green action) and 12 small notes for wasted effort…


when i entered the dsa class this morning

Mr. Ruli Manurung said, “Okay Class, sit on the seat which has numbers that same with your id numbers, and please put on your books,papers and anything into your bag.”

What i should do with those paper?


i just could gaze farther… and doing something that i don’t know

10 minutes..

40 minutes…

130 minutes…


after submitting it i still didn’t understand what the hell were they…

when i was working on it, i tried to look into my paper, i tried and i tried…

but it didn’t work well,

i saw Abi,my classmate, with his gut doing it bravely sneaked on his bag roughly and i was so challenged to do that bravely too…

and Doy ,my classmate too, did it with his “Bold”, googling something that he didn’t know… 


arghhh Allah,,what will be going to happen next?


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