Holiday in the middle of Final Exam


that’s right

i’m enjoying my holiday right now, preparing for the worst


the previous exams actually kinda shocked me out..

About Scientific Writing,,

it was so science, absurd with all of those tenses and grammar

and of course an ESSAY  .

i just wrote,wrote and wrote until i felt numb in my finger aka “finger-sore” (jari yang pegal2)

after doing write those script 

i got my finger typing some codes in Assembly language for ICO final exam…

and i thought i could do that well…

i thought i was falling in love with Traffic Lamp, Red , Yellow and Green…

about Web Design and Programming

it was amazing

that morning ,

the lecture gave us requirements for doing a final project,to build your online store that sell goods or everything that you like.

and we must submit it next week…


so here i am now

still enjoying my holiday without doing anything

even trying to make that project,,

no .. i’m not trying

believe me ^_^


2 responses to “Holiday in the middle of Final Exam

  1. pasti berat neh di tengah hari libur masih aja ada tes.. ayo semangat…

  2. thanks for your support ^_^v

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