i definitely lost it…

this noon
when i kept my bro’s store , i was charging my iphone after texting anu (my computer science friend) and mufthi (my fisip friend) and doddy (my friend)
and then when i was being asked by someone that i didn’t know who is he/she….
for a second later
i realized my iphone not in his common place,,
the charger adapter was left alone, without the iphone on the table

my stomach getting down, like i lost a pound of meat…

actually i have an appointment with anu and mufthia to go for taraweh together
i must not mess it up…

have to prepare for all worst thing that may be happen in your REAL life…


ps : should i cry?


2 responses to “I LOST IT

  1. Raudaaaaaa
    Gw br tau blog lo dan langsung terkejut liat postingan yg muncul
    Agustus beli iphone, Juli udah ilang , turut sedihhh 😦

  2. hah aduh iya iya..sst post ini cuma pengingat guw doank supaya ga melakukan hal yg aneh lagi,,

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