I deserve to be happy every second

I am on bus tonight, going home lately as usual. I just feel i should get every things done in proper and excellent way. I should re-branding my self , i should change , i should do fast, i should can do anything , i should reach my target, i should make my family happy, i should get what i dream for,.i should perform better, i should act smartly , i should this, i should that , i should……….

Until i forgot how to take a breath in every step, i forgot how to feel the wind, i forgot how to give my self some childish-me-time….

I know and realize in this ages i should give more efforts, all success people i meet and all best seller books i read tell me to be the best you just need to do more efforts than people did.

I should maximize all energy that i have this second, i make my self as a slave to serve me

I want to enjoy the lollipop

Like my friend said
“lakukanlah smua yg ingin kau lakukan. Buat dirimu sendiri bahagia menikmati stiap detik yg berlalu di kehidupan ini :-)”

Ahh thank you for stopping my rush mind for a second , it gives me a moment to contemplate well

Ahh i am fully loaded


Let’s beat the queue, hope i get seat on next bus

Enjoy every seconds


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