Craving for ideas

I got a brief for my side job as a freelance. I should design a flyer, postet, x banner, and neon box for women fitness centre in Jakarta.

They should reflect something like smexy, smart and sexy but still sporty but always feminine and also young. Those are the tones

Can i combine them into great artwork…
Yeah i can, i should can do that

Now i am on bus on my way to office.

I should clearly know how to manage my to-do-list if i still want to be pro

I wonder what kind of copy should i put on artworks, English?Bahasa? Mmm i guess for first review i put both, but i just have few times more to finish it tonight

I also cannot email the artworks last night like i said to client before because i have not finished it yet hmm that was an act of unpro, i should change the habbit and keep my words

Hmm what kind of colors represent sexy, feminine, young, and warm?
Red — check
Blue — nope
Yellow — check (but not the ‘norak’ one)
Pink — mmm to childish

Any references?

Allah i hope i can pass today in great and elegant way, AMIN


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