Alter ego

Speaking of alter ego , actually i have some alter egos
I would like to introduce you with Oda Kudo , he is a bishoujo, yes he is a guy but with girl-look face. He is so lazy, sleep-lover, adventurer, calm, too calm until you cannot see him panic . Underestimate the situation but he respects with people’s freedom and weird things. He is rockin geek. He is careless, doesn’t care with others’ business. He owns his world and loves to play alone
Then there is Jeanne , such an ordinary-hater , hate to be the same, dare to be different and want to do every thing she wants no matter what people say . She is so ambitious and too mature for her age. She is a workaholic and doesn’t like to be stupid. She loves to explore learn do new things. Feeling sad if she didn’t do something useful. Ambitious (uhh i guess i have typed it), hard to argue with, little bit foxy and examiner, umm moody too

Hmm i wonder i should accept all those egos and live with them happily ever after.

Oh yeah this post is inspired by my android figure which i made last week… Maybe the figure shows what i want to be / to try , under my conscience , what i desire most if there are no rules in this world, umm rebel side, maybe….


And also i show you what my brother, Rully’s android looks like, so not-him but maybe that’s the truth ,that’s what he wants to be/to try at



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