Media – Sharing Learning

This evening was cloudy

The thing that i did was attending a special class. Held on meeting room, and was taught by Mr. Sukardi, that shared a slice of media world , part 1.


We shared about conventional and new media, discussed about TARP’s , GRP , Reach, Frequency, Opportunity To See (OTS), somehow that i could catch because i’d learnt those things in college before.


But seeing myself now, as an account executive, the real account executive…

i mean , i am working now, not a pure college student .. and attending such a class like in college really made my day

and about media…

damn , it reminded me of my lecturer , Mr. Adwin

he made me appreciate and like the media world


I do really miss my college time


I want to get into it again


But , i do really love in Kraftig too


I learn lot of things here too


Welcome to college of life


ps : when people ask me what i am doing, i tell them i am a college student and still studying advertising in real advertising agency




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