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Mudik – 2012

i miss long-trip so much

Last long-trip that i had was going to Padang last August

Absolutely cool and wonderful

Across the sea , stay awake at night






Play with the kids

Laughing with my family


Great food ;D



Delvia ate spicy fried noodle, super yummy



We love it



‘I am still hungry, i want Brandon Beef Kebab’ said Rully


We went for having lunch together





Grandma and Grandson





then ….



You can see brandon was crying , he wanted toy car and ask grandma for buying it






‘Let’s have lunch first darling…then we could have toy car’



Rully and me do love taking paparazzi pictures













what i’ve done on saturday night


1. i should reschedule the catering people. they should prepare all dishes and spoons and chairs and tables for reminding my grandma’s funeral for 40 days , at 11 am tomorrow Sunday

2. i could not give rented comics and novel back tonight, because the rental bookstore had closed, uh oh i think i will get additional charges for extending the period of lend, damn

3. i have bought two microphones and a new mic cable for replacing the broken one, for tomorrow’s event. for cable, the price is 30000, and those two mics for 35000 both.

yes the cable more expensive than the mic itself

4. (when i type this post) i am at Yaseen Printing Office, i am waiting for our customized Yaseen be finished. There are lot of troubles happened in this process. . .

Started on Chinese New Year holiday, when i had leisure time, i helped my mum to search printing vendor for making Yaseen with my grandma’s picture on it. . .

The printing man said he could finish 200pcs of Yaseen in 3 days, and yeah. . .

that was a great bullshit ever for this new year

until this second, the Yaseen could not reach the number of 200 pcs, divided into 150 pcs using grandma’s pic for the cover, and the rest using grandpa’s pic who have passed away for ten years,

tonight, i am waiting for the rest 50 pcs of Yaseen to be finished after the day before yesterday,i have got 20 pcs and 30 pcs Yaseen

so i just get 100pcs for 10 days

damn, this is so lame. . .

we are sleepy right now

yes we

i am not alone

thanks to icha that want to spend all saturday night long with me

5. next plan, i will buy flower, because tomorrow morning , we will go to grandma’s graveyard

6. i should find my atm card, which i forgot to pull out from my biker jacket pocket this noon, then i should pay wom finance for my scoopy directly at alfamart. . .

argghh i want milo strawblaster and karaoke at 9square binus tonight

arghhh i have lot of homeworks too

i stated to My Father at office that i would send lot of homeworks, from research about banking, which i have not touched before, and also presentation for client which will be presented next week

hmm a sip of milo strawblaster would make my night chill and yummy

Craving for ideas

I got a brief for my side job as a freelance. I should design a flyer, postet, x banner, and neon box for women fitness centre in Jakarta.

They should reflect something like smexy, smart and sexy but still sporty but always feminine and also young. Those are the tones

Can i combine them into great artwork…
Yeah i can, i should can do that

Now i am on bus on my way to office.

I should clearly know how to manage my to-do-list if i still want to be pro

I wonder what kind of copy should i put on artworks, English?Bahasa? Mmm i guess for first review i put both, but i just have few times more to finish it tonight

I also cannot email the artworks last night like i said to client before because i have not finished it yet hmm that was an act of unpro, i should change the habbit and keep my words

Hmm what kind of colors represent sexy, feminine, young, and warm?
Red — check
Blue — nope
Yellow — check (but not the ‘norak’ one)
Pink — mmm to childish

Any references?

Allah i hope i can pass today in great and elegant way, AMIN

I deserve to be happy every second

I am on bus tonight, going home lately as usual. I just feel i should get every things done in proper and excellent way. I should re-branding my self , i should change , i should do fast, i should can do anything , i should reach my target, i should make my family happy, i should get what i dream for,.i should perform better, i should act smartly , i should this, i should that , i should……….

Until i forgot how to take a breath in every step, i forgot how to feel the wind, i forgot how to give my self some childish-me-time….

I know and realize in this ages i should give more efforts, all success people i meet and all best seller books i read tell me to be the best you just need to do more efforts than people did.

I should maximize all energy that i have this second, i make my self as a slave to serve me

I want to enjoy the lollipop

Like my friend said
“lakukanlah smua yg ingin kau lakukan. Buat dirimu sendiri bahagia menikmati stiap detik yg berlalu di kehidupan ini :-)”

Ahh thank you for stopping my rush mind for a second , it gives me a moment to contemplate well

Ahh i am fully loaded


Let’s beat the queue, hope i get seat on next bus

Enjoy every seconds

Last Day Coming to UI

not for ever

just because i will finish all the test and class today, i really want to enjoy entire life in this holiday with maximum effort.

3 months later,,
what have i already done?

let’s wait and see


okay , should we take conclusion if my update on my blog going slowly, it means i am

busy ?

Happy Holiday for You Guys that will get it,

even if it comes soon or late…

ps: i have a nice pic for you,,
taking from google,as usual

after this then that then this again


short holiday as this


final term as that


i will meet ‘this’ again as LONG HOLIDAY.


so it’s okay for me to face the final test with happy face (not really mean that i can do all of those shitty thing better)

because i will get my holiday back

ps :

i think i did wrong thing in my discrete math 2 final test

hope it doesn’t matter,

and i hope i’ll pass all of those courses that i take this semester


Holiday in the middle of Final Exam


that’s right

i’m enjoying my holiday right now, preparing for the worst


the previous exams actually kinda shocked me out..

About Scientific Writing,,

it was so science, absurd with all of those tenses and grammar

and of course an ESSAY  .

i just wrote,wrote and wrote until i felt numb in my finger aka “finger-sore” (jari yang pegal2)

after doing write those script 

i got my finger typing some codes in Assembly language for ICO final exam…

and i thought i could do that well…

i thought i was falling in love with Traffic Lamp, Red , Yellow and Green…

about Web Design and Programming

it was amazing

that morning ,

the lecture gave us requirements for doing a final project,to build your online store that sell goods or everything that you like.

and we must submit it next week…


so here i am now

still enjoying my holiday without doing anything

even trying to make that project,,

no .. i’m not trying

believe me ^_^