Mudik – 2012

i miss long-trip so much

Last long-trip that i had was going to Padang last August

Absolutely cool and wonderful

Across the sea , stay awake at night






Play with the kids

Laughing with my family


Great food ;D



Delvia ate spicy fried noodle, super yummy



We love it



‘I am still hungry, i want Brandon Beef Kebab’ said Rully


We went for having lunch together





Grandma and Grandson





then ….



You can see brandon was crying , he wanted toy car and ask grandma for buying it






‘Let’s have lunch first darling…then we could have toy car’



Rully and me do love taking paparazzi pictures















Live life to the fullest

I want to see the world clearly…

Last day when i went to Citos, i saw weird bus in park lane

A huge bus with its freaky ‘eyes’

Yes, that bus had EYES, Giant Eyes

I think it was marvelous idea to put the wheel on that bus and made it as sparkling eyes

I got curious and come to the bus and took some pictures and you could see how weird but cool that bus was




what i’ve done on saturday night


1. i should reschedule the catering people. they should prepare all dishes and spoons and chairs and tables for reminding my grandma’s funeral for 40 days , at 11 am tomorrow Sunday

2. i could not give rented comics and novel back tonight, because the rental bookstore had closed, uh oh i think i will get additional charges for extending the period of lend, damn

3. i have bought two microphones and a new mic cable for replacing the broken one, for tomorrow’s event. for cable, the price is 30000, and those two mics for 35000 both.

yes the cable more expensive than the mic itself

4. (when i type this post) i am at Yaseen Printing Office, i am waiting for our customized Yaseen be finished. There are lot of troubles happened in this process. . .

Started on Chinese New Year holiday, when i had leisure time, i helped my mum to search printing vendor for making Yaseen with my grandma’s picture on it. . .

The printing man said he could finish 200pcs of Yaseen in 3 days, and yeah. . .

that was a great bullshit ever for this new year

until this second, the Yaseen could not reach the number of 200 pcs, divided into 150 pcs using grandma’s pic for the cover, and the rest using grandpa’s pic who have passed away for ten years,

tonight, i am waiting for the rest 50 pcs of Yaseen to be finished after the day before yesterday,i have got 20 pcs and 30 pcs Yaseen

so i just get 100pcs for 10 days

damn, this is so lame. . .

we are sleepy right now

yes we

i am not alone

thanks to icha that want to spend all saturday night long with me

5. next plan, i will buy flower, because tomorrow morning , we will go to grandma’s graveyard

6. i should find my atm card, which i forgot to pull out from my biker jacket pocket this noon, then i should pay wom finance for my scoopy directly at alfamart. . .

argghh i want milo strawblaster and karaoke at 9square binus tonight

arghhh i have lot of homeworks too

i stated to My Father at office that i would send lot of homeworks, from research about banking, which i have not touched before, and also presentation for client which will be presented next week

hmm a sip of milo strawblaster would make my night chill and yummy

I Adore These Pics



Media – Sharing Learning

This evening was cloudy

The thing that i did was attending a special class. Held on meeting room, and was taught by Mr. Sukardi, that shared a slice of media world , part 1.


We shared about conventional and new media, discussed about TARP’s , GRP , Reach, Frequency, Opportunity To See (OTS), somehow that i could catch because i’d learnt those things in college before.


But seeing myself now, as an account executive, the real account executive…

i mean , i am working now, not a pure college student .. and attending such a class like in college really made my day

and about media…

damn , it reminded me of my lecturer , Mr. Adwin

he made me appreciate and like the media world


I do really miss my college time


I want to get into it again


But , i do really love in Kraftig too


I learn lot of things here too


Welcome to college of life


ps : when people ask me what i am doing, i tell them i am a college student and still studying advertising in real advertising agency



Wish me luck

Now i’m at meeting room to convince my client why he should hire us for advertising service. That’s why i posted so many articles about ad. I hope i could convince them